beyond Reality

Aeddon Metaverse - a glimpse into the future

Think beyond Reality

Aeddon Metaverse

 Together we develop the Metaverse of the future.


No special Hardware


VR ready
Access in
web browser

No Download


Your inner virtual self

Aeddon Citizenship

You can enter the Aeddon Metaverse without a Citizenship NFT.

But buying an Aeddon Citizenship NFT will grant you special privileges!

our Pirate Quest


in September

Play to Win

1'000$ in Cash Prices

1'000$ in Aeddon Land

Aeddon Citizens Only!


How it works

Aeddon's three Verticals

Off-the-Shelf Metaverse

Integrated Solutions

Lowering the entry barrier for Companies to enter the Metaverse

Collaboration Metaverse

Metaverse as a Service

  • We consult & We build
  • We integrate your existing Meta Project
  • We / You Operate

Self-Service Metaverse

Aeddon Land

  • We provide infrastructure
  • You build
  • You Operate your own Meta Business

Real Estate

Visualize your Real Estate Project in the Aeddon Metaverse

Aeddon Real Estate

Showcase your new Real Estate Project
in highest Quality, at the real location, with the real environment!

CHeck out our

Aeddon Metaverse as a Service

 We lead your Company, Brand or Project into the Metaverse

Reliable - Safe - Fast - Cost Effective

Show rooms, Art, Museum & Fashion

Create your own Show Rooms, Art Gallary, Muesum & Fasion Shows

Aeddon Exhibitions

Our Aeddon Metaverse Exhibition and Gallery rooms guarantee you the attention your Art deserves.

Aeddon Showroom

Present your Products in our Aeddon Metaverse Showrooms, and be one of the first to profit from this technology of the smart future.

Aeddon Museum

Bring your Museum into the Aeddon Metaverse, and allow your visitors a first of its kind remote experience.

Aeddon Fashion

Create your own Fashion Show in the Aeddon Metaverse and surprise your audience with the highest quality.


Our Smilodo Shopping Mall


Create your own Store in our Smilodo Shopping Mall.

Present your Products in 3D!

Simulations & Science

Show case your own Simulations & Science Projects

Aeddon Simulation

Visualize your Projects in the Aeddon Metaverse to make a complex system understandable.

Aeddon Science

Present your science project in the Aeddon Metaverse and give your audience an unforgettable experience.

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