Think beyond Reality

Metaverse as a Service

 Together we develop the Metaverse of the future.

 Leading your Company, your Brand, your Project into the Metaverse

Reliable - Safe - Fast

Conceptual Design

Close interaction with the client to understand their needs and requirements, using this information to develop an initial concept.

Custom Tailored Solutions

We help you to solve a specific problem, or to meet a unique set of requirements for your business, to develop your custom Metaverse concept.

3D Design &

Based on your custom Metaverse concept, we create your virtual environment and 3D objects to be used within the Aeddon Metaverse.

Event Organization

We help you planning, promoting and executing various types of events within your virtual Aeddon world.

Metaverse Hosting

We localize your virtual world and immersive experience in the Aeddon Metaverse. Geo-Located, language and culturally adapted.

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